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Ahm so stupid!! [07 Apr 2004|11:26pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

Ah reallah need to learn to tink befo Ah speak. Ahm a total idiot. Ah shouldn a got anyone all hot and bothad bout nuthin. Now ah got one of da most amazin people ah evah met all rowled up. Ah jus hope ah didn Freak her out too badly. Wnder if shell evah toalk to meh gain?Ah don think ahd like it if she didn./ She always makes me smile. Always seems to brighten even mah worst day. And even when im feelin like da worlds gonna come crashin down roun me jus seein her face or hearin her voice or tinkin bout her make me realize ahm goin t make it . If not fo myself den fo her. Welp les jus hope she still feel like talkin to Remy. das all fo now,..

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[29 Mar 2004|11:55pm]
[ mood | confused ]

wlep dat carnivla turn out to be kinda fun. Cept fo da part where Ro got mad and den dere was Mags tryin t kill everyone. I like both dese gals verrah much but I sorta got feelinf fo a certain gal,..Ah ain nevah felt dis way bout anyone in mah life. Ah jus,.ahm confused as to how ahm gonna tell her. oh well spose ill sleep on it o somethin

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[26 Mar 2004|05:47pm]
[ mood | horny ]

Here I am gettin ready fo dis carnival we goin to. Me Miss Kitty an Ro,.we gonnah have a blast! Ahll show does girls why dey Call me da Ragin Cajun. Welp bettah go finish doin mah hair.

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[24 Mar 2004|07:32pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Gambit not sure he likes dis whole Journal ting. Gettin sick of updatin it. Pyro an I cruised da cliubs fo some chicks it was fun. We danced we drank blew stuff up. Perfect night as always. neh? Well any how gues dats it. An Ro I know y fancy moi,..ah can tell. Dats cool wit me,.

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[17 Mar 2004|08:50pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Guess ahm sposed to be updatin or somethin. Pyro an I are gonna go clubbin. Caint wait. Looks like dat lovely Goth Cher Rogue has got a lil ting fo Gambit. I flirt wit Miss kitty a lil an she get all jealous. Sides Miss. Kitty to young fo me anyway. I like um hot an fiesty!! Well caint be bothad wit writin mo so ahm gonna sign off. Au Revoir

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boored [11 Mar 2004|09:56pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Huh,...don know why ah let pyro talk me into gettin one a dese tings. Not like ahm gonna keep up wit it.Lately life jus goes from bad t worse. Lost da whole Magneto gig.Den Appocalypse,..whas next,..aliens from outtah space? Ah tell y bein a mutant aint no fun 'tall. Ah really need to go an have a drink,.tink ill check out dat lil club i been hearin bout.

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